Doug Hutchison IMDB After over thirty years in Hollywood, California, manifesting a career in the entertainment industry, veteran actor/ writer/director/producer, Doug Hutchison, has founded Dark Water Management, a managerial firm representing exceptionally talented actors, singer-song writers, and artists of all walks of life.
Hutchison attended the Juilliard School in addition to honing his craft under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner. Film credits include playing “Percy Wetmore” in the Academy Award nominated The Green Mile [w/Tom Hanks] and starring roles in Bait [w/Jamie Foxx], I Am Sam [w/Sean Penn], The Salton Sea [w/Val Kilmer], No Good Deed [w/Samuel Jackson], Moola [w/Daniel Baldwin], The Burrowers [w/ Clancy Brown], Give ‘Em Hell Malone [w/ Thomas Jane], Punisher:War Zone [w/ Ray Stevenson], and Hope for the Holidays [w/Sally Kirkland].
Memorable television guest star appearances include CSI, Lie to Me, 24, Lost, Law&Order:SVU, and The X-Files.
A Detroit native, Hutchison’s returned to Michigan to teach The Art of Stillness — an approach to acting that can be applied to all creative endeavors [and to life itself], produce/direct/and act in several films [based on his original screenplays], and to facilitate his talent firm, Dark Water Management.
A prolific writer, Hutchison’s also in the midst of composing a handful of children’s books including Dourtney the Dreaming Dog [inspired by his beloved ten year old Italian Greyhound, Dourtney] as well as his faith-based Oliver Orange and God’s Special Plan [conceived by good friend and creative collaborator, Ricky Borba].
Doug is a devout Christ-follower. He and Dourtney currently reside in Royal Oak, Michigan.